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Welcome to Tech Support Consultant, a unit of ELLY InfoTech LLC - specialized service offering IT solutions for individuals and businesses!

As an emerging name in the world of Onsite IT assistance, Tech Support Consultant has come a long way in just a few years. We offer an exclusive mix of computer support services for clients across the USA and Canada for various industries. With a team of highly-qualified and experienced professionals, we intend to offer flexible solutions to address common PC and laptop issues.

The entire team of Tech Support Consultant is based in the United States.We prefer hiring engineers after an extensive training program. Apart from the basic tech support and related concerns, we also believe in providing customer-friendly and affordable services. Unlike other companies of the same genre, we don’t force our clients into contracts. If you want us to offer regular technical support, we will be happy to help, but that’s never a compulsion. We understand and value the diverse IT needs and concerns, and our services are designed to offer custom solutions, as and when needed.

IT support from Tech Support Consultant can be accessed on email, phone and chat, and we ensure that our clients have direct access to our engineers. Not everyone is experienced with computers, and we respect that. For the same reason, we have established a code of conduct for our team members, who are always patient and gentle with clients, regardless of the concerning problem.

We also offer onsite assistance in local areas and will be happy to resolve your PC issues on a single visit. We believe in transparency, and our team members will answer all relevant questions related to our services.

We would like to add here that Tech Support Consultant is not affiliated with any other IT company. We are an independent and locally-owned service, specializing in computer solutions, without any influence of brands and other services. We don’t force our customers to buy products, but our customer support team may offer advice and assistance on pertinent queries. We also offer simple service agreements to smaller businesses and startups that need assistance for regular maintenance of computer systems.

If you have a question, please call us on our toll-free number. We are accessible at all times, and we are planning to expand our team soon. Tech Support Consultant also looks forward to client recommendations and suggestions, for bettering our services further.

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An experienced and specialized team formulated to deliver quality repair service.

Be it simple issues or complex issues, IT happens with us!!